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With the motto of “a store that presents happiness in the form of sweets,” we are introducing Himeji’s confectionery culture to the rest of Japan. We welcome you with a wide variety of sweets.



Purveyor to the Shoshazan Engyo-ji Temple. Ogura” is a moist baumkuchen with a sweet cream flavor. The “Yuzu” is filled with a slight yuzu-flavored red bean paste. The baumkuchen is coated with chocolate and almonds. Seasonal flavors, which can only be enjoyed in each season, are also available.


The elegant shape of Himeji Castle is baked into a lovely bite-size sponge cake bun.The inside is filled with a mildly sweet Koshian (red bean paste) and a generous amount of domestic honey, giving it a gentle flavor.


Koshi yokan (sweet bean jelly) wrapped in soft Gyuhi mochi (soft rice cake). It is a traditional confectionery that has been made for 100 years.


Japanese confectionery made with Haniue-mochi rice wrapped in a sweet yellow bean paste. Received the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Award at the 20th National Confectionary Exposition. Received the Tachibana Eikoh Award at the 25th National Confectionary Exposition.