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Established in 1947. The company’s confections include “Harima,” a famous confectionery from Banshu that won the Honorary No Inspection Award at the 20th National Confectionary Exposition, “Shiho Aji,” a confectionary that incorporates natural ingredients from the area blessed with the soaring Himeji Castle in the center of the Banshu Plain, We are creating a rich lifestyle and confectionary culture through the production of fresh and delicious confectionaries.



Received the “Japan Department Stores Association Chairman’s Award” at the 25th National Confectionary Exposition. It was also selected for in-flight meals of ANA and “Five-Star Hyogo” in 2014. The yolk bean paste made with plenty of eggs is wrapped in butter-flavored dough for a mellow mouthfeel.


Received the Tachibana Eikoh Award at the 25th National Confectionary Exposition. A unique Japanese confectionery made from Japanese azuki beans, wrapped in gyuhi and sandwiched between two types of “monaka” (azuki bean paste). There are two types of “monaka”: aonori (green laver) and savory kogashi (red pepper). There are two types of bean paste, Koshi-an and Grain-an, and you can enjoy the aroma and texture of each.